Welcome to the recap of our webinar on “Decoding Dutch Mobility: Traffic Management and Data in Practical Examples.” Organized by the Smart Mobility Embassy, the international label of Connekt. In this session, we explored how traffic management and data played crucial roles in addressing mobility challenges in the Netherlands 

This webinar marked the beginning of a series of events leading up to Intertraffic Amsterdam, 16 till 19 of April 2024.  Thank you for joining us, looking forward meeting up soon! 


Watch the live recording of the event in full:


Trafficmanagement: The Future is Now by Martijn de Kievit from Goudappel.  

Takeaways of Martijn de Kievit  

  • Start small with data driven traffic management and built on the success of the implementation instead of doing a big-bang implementation. 
  • Start your PDCA cycle to monitor progress on policy goals based on available data sources and translate these into relevant indicators. 
  • Create the connection between policy and operational level including agreements on the implementation of a feedbackloop to also allow for issues to be solved at the correct level.   

BIO Martijn de Kievit – Consultant Smart Mobility at Goudappel  
Mobility is a very dynamic field that is changing rapidly since data is the new raw material for mobility. It is my goal to contribute to the actual deployment of innovations in the Smart Mobility domain and thus bringing improvements to society in the broadest sense. Every day I am involved in making Smart Mobility concrete in proposals and projects for clients of Goudappel. As a Smart Mobility consultant for Goudappel I assist our clients in implementing data driven mobility strategies as well as bringing traffic management to the era of data driven traffic management.  

The value of data driven innovations: Predictive Digital Twins for Liveable and Resilient Cities by Bart Vuijk from TNO. 

Takeaways of Bart Vuijk 

  • Predictive twins support integral, strategic thinking across adjacent domains, such as mobility, livability, land use, energy, and equity.  
  • Using predictive twins will be a key success factor for governments in decision support for complex spatial challenges.  
  • Urban Strategy, TNO’s predictive twin, generates immediate results for complex, large scale what-if scenarios with large efficiency improvement potential.  

BIO Bart Vuijk – Innovation Partnership Manager at TNO   
As an innovation partnership manager, Bart Vuijk is responsible at TNO for setting up strategic partnerships and collaborations for predictive digital twins. He is part of the Liveable and Resilient Cities group in the Mobility & Built Environment Unit. Bart is responsible for the global scaling up of Urban Strategy, the TNO predictive digital twin platform. Urban Strategy is a revolutionary instrument for cities and companies to tackle complex, multi-domain planning challenges with extreme speed.

The good, the bad and the ugly DATA by Edwin Mein from Technolution.  

Takeaways of Edwin Mein 

  • It starts with the ambition to have an impact.   
  • Intelligent Traffic Management and Optimization help cities with their urban ambitions, objectives, and goals. 
  • Ugly data can be turned into good data, making it useful again.   

BIO Technolution – Edwin Mein – Domain architect at Technolution  
Edwin has a master’s degree in computer science and started his career in space technology. Quite soon he transitioned to the magical world of traffic engineering and modeling. As a domain architect at Technolution, he explores with his team new ideas, machine learning, and traffic optimizations. He bridges the gap between the traffic domain and computer science.    

Validating Planned Road Closures, IDEA by Ruud van den Dries from NDW.  

Takeaways of Ruud van den Dries 

  • Validating data can be done in real time. 
  • High quality data makes for efficient routing with actual network availability. 
  • Adhering to RTTI Regulation. 

BIO Ruud van den Dries – Theme manager at NDW  
Ruud is theme manager @ NDW for the topics;​ Networkmanagement​, Realtime data​, Logistics​, AI​ and Charging infrastructure​. 15+ years experience in the field of mobility and traffic management. Ranging from TLC programming to Macroscopic Traffic Modelling and C-ITS deployment and from nerdy developer to project manager for IT solutions.​  

Data and influencing behavior in road works by Martin van Beurden from Buko.  

Takeaways of Martin van Beurden 

  • Behavioural influencing is tailor-made for each project or location.  
  • Digital applications in roadworks, just do it. Start small and learn by doing it!  
  • Data provides insight and control, experience its importance in traffic management and impact measurement.   

BIO Martin van Beurden Manager at Buko Bereikbaar  
Raised in Utrecht, studied at the Hotel School in The Hague and co-founder of BUKO Bereikbaar. With a true passion for hospitality and digitalization, working since 2020 to improve the inconvenience experience of road users and local residents. In 4 years time BUKO Bereikbaar expanded to a market leading position in the Netherlands. Daily and with great energy on the road in the Netherlands and abroad to inspire and motivate road authorities, contractors and other specialists to use today’s digital possibilities.  

Other webinars and Intertraffic

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