Smart Mobility has the potential to make our transport system significantly safer, cleaner and more effective. Although, at present, developments linked to connected and cooperative systems and self-driving vehicles are taking place in parallel, these development paths are expected to converge in the form of hybrid systems that work together seamlessly behind the scenes. However, there is still a great deal of development and testing work to be done before we reach this stage. As we are talking about highly complex and wide-ranging issues, one party will not be able to drive these developments forward on its own. Cooperation will be needed in areas including testing and evaluation.

How does the Smart Mobility Embassy work?

Through the Smart Mobility Embassy we are offering our expertise as one of the global leaders in Smart Mobility, with the aims of encouraging international parties to carry out testing in the Netherlands and exporting Dutch knowledge. The Smart Mobility Embassy functions as an intermediary, bringing parties who need Dutch expertise and capabilities in the area of Smart Mobility together with Dutch parties who can offer these services. The Smart Mobility Embassy is a public-private network within which national and local authorities, knowledge institutions and companies make their knowledge, experience and testing capabilities available. The Smart Mobility Embassy the gateway to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands; acts as an intermediary between the Netherlands and the rest of the world: government-to-government, business-to-government, government-to-business and business-to-business.

Activities of the Smart Mobility Embassy

  • National contact point. The Smart Mobility Embassy is a contact point for foreign parties who are interested in using Dutch development and testing facilities or want to find out more about them. The Smart Mobility Embassy brings parties on the demand side into contact with parties from the Smart Mobility Embassy network.
  • Incoming missions and visits. The Smart Mobility Embassy is a contact point for incoming missions and visits and can develop a program tailored to the needs of the visitors concerned.
  • Outgoing visits. The Smart Mobility Embassy provides input for trade missions, study trips and trade fairs.

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