Connekt (ITS Netherlands) operates as an independent network in the Netherlands, dedicated to driving innovations in sustainable mobility and logistics.

Mission Connekt

Our mission is to connect, share knowledge, and initiate and execute programs and projects that contribute to advancing intelligent transportation systems. With a focus on network expertise and implementation skills cultivated within our member network and programs, we actively create positive societal impacts.


As a non-profit member network, Connekt identifies opportunities to collaborate on a public-private basis, addressing challenges in the sector, such as sustainability, digitization, and urbanization. The growing demand for affordable and accessible mobility solutions for both people and goods motivates us to explore possibilities that can improve the world economically and in terms of sustainability.

Mobility & Logistics

With a global network of over 500 partners, we tackle themes with far-reaching implications, including intelligent city access, innovative and sustainable transport systems development, and the practical organization of data sharing—increasingly vital in the dynamic landscape of mobility and logistics. Connekt is committed to being a catalyst for positive change and progress in the field of intelligent transportation systems in the Netherlands and beyond.

More information

You can only use the services of the Smart Mobility Embassy through a Connekt membership. Do you want more information about Connekt or about a membership of Connekt? You can always contact the Smart Mobility Embassy or download the Connekt brochure here.