The Smart Mobility Embassy organizes study trips for Connekt several times a year. These trips are not just business trips; they provide access to a world full of knowledge, inspiration and valuable relationships. Connekt uses our international network to stay informed of the latest developments outside the Netherlands, gain inspiration for future projects and open the doors to Dutch innovations abroad. These trips also offer an excellent opportunity to network, both with foreign hosts and with each other.

On a journey to Knowledge, Networking and Conviviality

The common thread of this visit program was urban mobility. The city of Tampere is positioning itself as a center of technological innovation and collaboration between different sectors, with a strong emphasis on sustainable development and the climate-neutral 2030 plan. Through visits to a startup hub, the walking tour of Tampere (leisure and content), a presentation by the city of Tampere about their Carbon Neutral Program, label EU mission & SUMP 2022 award, the visit to the exhibition “Imagine the metaverse” and the rides in the robot bus in Lempäälä and the Lyyli test tram in Hervante (with the first time that we are the first visitors to ride in the autonomous tram), participants gained insight into the (progressive) vision of the city of Tampere on urban mobility, sustainability and innovation.

Summary of a three-day trip to Finland

  • On the first day we took a walking tour of Tampere, where we learned about the “Tampere One Step Ahead” program that promotes walking and city living. Special thanks to our guide Pia Helminen.
  • On the second day we first visited Platform6, a breeding ground for local startups with (inter)national growth potential. Here we not only received an explanation about the startup community, but we also attended startup pitches. Thanks to Kaarle Wirta and Margarita Khartanovich.
  • Later in the day, Laura Inha informed us about Tampere’s Carbon Neutral Program. Ilona Jääskeläinen briefly outlined the programs of the Dutch embassy in Finland. We then visited the Imagine the Metaverse fair, where we heard speakers from Microsoft and Nokia. Thanks to ITS Finland for the networking drinks!
  • The day ended with an informal networking dinner with Connekt (ITS Netherlands) and ITS Finland Aleksanteri “Alex” Gyllenbögel and Sanni Remonen with members.
  • The last day we visited the Tampere Tram Depot and the Lyyli Living Lab, where we were the first group to take a ride on the autonomous tram. Thanks to Ali Huttunen and colleagues and to Jiří Horáček, Olli Pihlajamaa and Timo Mustonen for their presentation and demonstration.
  • Our last visit was to the autonomous bus service in Lempäälä, guided by Arttu Kotilainen. Thanks to Tatu Nieminen and Lempäälän kunsta – Municipality of Lempäälä for the introduction!

Thank you to everyone involved for their positive and active contributions to the success of this trip. Certainly also to the members present: thanks to your efforts and enthusiastic presence, it became an unforgettable experience. And don’t forget a special thanks to Jari Ikonen for all his support and organization.

Study trips in the future

On to the next study trip. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter! Would you like more information about the possibilities? Please contact Marije de Nijs: