During Intertraffic 2024, Connekt (booth 02.210) offers visitors an insight into the unique formula that the Connekt network offers its members and partners. Government, science and business meet at Connekt for sustainable and innovative mobility and logistics. Visitors can experience this directly at the Connekt pavilion, where several members jointly present their knowledge and expertise in the field of mobility in connection with Connekt, the Connekt Smart Mobility Embassy and each other.

Date April 16, 2024
End date April 19, 2024
Location RAI, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Dutch Area

In hall two, Connekt, Metropole Region Amsterdam and Royal HaskoningDHV form the “Dutch Area” during the Intertraffic 2024. This Dutch Area was set up to bring Dutch knowledge and know-how in the field of mobility to the attention of international visitors. In addition, Connekt would like to reach national stakeholders by providing tools for the challenges that exist in the Netherlands for realizing a sustainable, smart and safe mobility network accessible to everyone.

Relevant themes

Themes that will be central during Intertraffic at the Connekt pavilion are:

1. Digitalization: At an international level, Connekt seeks to connect with various European initiatives by contributing Dutch expertise and experiences. Connekt focuses on key European organisations, such as DG MOVE and DG CONNECT, and on projects such as the European Mobility Data Space. Connekt aims to inspire, accelerate and scale data sharing and digitalization initiatives through public-private partnerships.

2. CCAM: As a network organization, Connekt connects its members to jointly implement smart sustainable urbanization. This affects sectors such as construction, energy, spatial planning and infrastructure. And this is to the benefit of a good climate, social connection, health, etc. This requires an integrated approach and therefore cooperation.

The Connekt network

Visitors to the Connekt pavilion can expect insight into technologies and sustainable solutions from attending members, such as NTM, NDW, Technolution, Goudappel, CROW, Rijkswaterstaat, TNO, Capgemini, BUKO, DITM or members RHDHV and MRA. In addition to the Connekt pavilion, visitors to Intertraffic will find the Dutch Pavilion, where representatives of ITS Nationals can be found.

Connekt’s network makes it possible to meet influential members on the trade show floor, have meaningful conversations and discover new and valuable collaboration opportunities. As a partner of Intertraffic, Connekt also offers informative webinars that delve deeper into the Dutch mobility sector. These webinars are in English so that they are also accessible to international partners.

Smart Mobility Embassy

Connekt ‘s Smart Mobility Embassy emphasizes the connection between the Netherlands and opportunities abroad and vice versa by promoting Dutch mobility solutions. As an international label, the Smart Mobility Embassy embraces the slogan “The Gateway to the World.” Together with Connekt and the member network, the Smart Mobility Embassy strives for a sustainable future for mobility, nationally and internationally. Its goal is clear: connecting Connekt members worldwide and encouraging collaboration in existing mobility solutions and innovations.

What can the Smart Mobility Embassy offer you:

Guided Pavilion Tour
Explore the Connekt Pavilion, a center of innovation and collaboration. Gain insight into how Connekt members are shaping the future of mobility and advancing global partnerships. 

Networking with Connekt members
Connect with influential Connekt members at the fair. Have meaningful conversations, exchange ideas and explore collaboration opportunities. Participate in a guided tour of the Connekt Pavilion with matchmaking, the networking drinks or participate in the discussion during the live session about smart city innovations.

ITS Nationals

In addition to the Connekt stand, the ITS Nationals Association (booth 02.308) has taken a prominent place in the Dutch Area. This stand is represented by approximately 10 ITS Nationals, representing the entire ITS Nationals network. Connekt, which represents ITS Netherlands, is part of ITS Nationals network and member of the Coordination Committee. They also ensure connection between the networks and the representation of the ITS Nationals. 

Dutch Day

A Dutch Day will take place on Friday, April 19. During the Dutch Day, Dutch parties will share knowledge and expertise (in Dutch) on the Intertraffic theater stage. Break-out sessions will be organised, a summit will take place and various demonstrations will be given both indoors and outdoors at the RAI. There are also various speakers from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Province of North Holland and more. The full program will be announced at the end of January. 


Come to the Connekt Pavilion, be informed by our members and stay informed of all developments in mobility. Register here.