Smart Mobility solutions in Indonesia

On Thursday 27 June the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia visited the Smart Mobility Embassy. They were visiting the Netherlands from 27 June to 3 July 2019 to learn more about ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). ITS is needed in Indonesia to improve the air quality, especially in large cities like Jakarta.

The delegates from Jakarta met with Mr. Haye Mensonides (Dynniq) and Mrs. José Oudijk (Smart Mobility Embassy), to exchange knowledge on smart mobility solutions in both The Netherlands and Indonesia.

The key questions that were answered during the meeting were: “What is the mechanism to successfully implement smart mobility initiative?” and “How to make public-private partnership work effectively?”

Optimize traffic flow in cities
Dynniq provides multiple solutions to embed smart mobility solutions into a city. Their solutions optimize the flow of traffic at intersections, for example by giving trucks priority so they can travel at the most efficient and sustainable way. But other road users can also be given priority depending on the traffic flow.  Naturally, emergency services, but also cyclists and pedestrians with disabilities.

Public transport for free
In 2020 Indonesia will launch the new policy for public transport. The full price for public transport will be paid by the government. This will change the way people travel allthroughout the country. But even with free public transport, Indonesia needs to stimulate the use of it which will lead to a reduction of the use of the scooter.

Would you like to get the answers to the key questions or do you have another question about smart mobility? Please contact to learn more about this visit and/or Dutch smart mobility solutions.

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