Singapore and NL: opportunities for Investment & Trade

This week, Madam Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore will pay a visit to the Netherlands to promote the political and trade relationship between Singapore and The Netherlands. In this context, business fora themed ‘Singapore & The Netherlands: opportunities for Investment & Trade’ will be organized.

Working visit 
In the run-up to the state visit by the President of Singapore, Ms. Halimah Yacob, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited a delegation of six journalists from Singapore for a working visit to the Netherlands. During this visit, central themes in bilateral relations and the state visit were highlighted. The Smart Mobility Embassy organized a part of the program for the journalists. The theme of the working visit and state visit is innovation.

ParkShuttle, the autonomous shuttle service
On Thursday 15 November the group paid a visit to the self driving ParkShuttle at Kralingse Zoom in Rotterdam.  The ParkShuttle is an electric driven autonomous shuttle service, which runs between metro station Kralingse Zoom in Rotterdam to business park Rivium in Capelle aan den IJssel. The ParkShuttle has been operational since the end of 2006, member of the Smart Mobility Embassy 2getthere is supplier of the ParkShuttle system.

The delegates shared insights about the autonomous system and its implications. The manpower behind the maintenance of the system, possible technical difficulties and the possibility of fare-dodging were discussed with Mr. Rien van der Knaap, Project Manager Rivium multi-modal transport hub and owner at OC Mobility.

Connekt, Dynniq and ARS T&TT
After a ride on the ParkShuttle the group visited the office of Connekt and the Smart Mobility Embassy in Delft. Mr. Nico Anten (Executive Chairman at Connekt) presented the networks of Connekt and the Smart Mobility Embassy. “We all want a safe, reliable and fast trip, therefore we need a new type of partnership, a public private partnership. Connekt and the Smart Mobility Embassy facilitate a trusted network where people can collaborate.”

Mr. Rob Olde Heuvelt (Director Export at Dynniq) is all about cleaner and safer traffic. He presented several smart mobility innovations by Dynniq, for example: Greenflow for trucks, where truck drivers receive instructions through an app so they will only get green traffic lights. And Crosswalk, a system at traffic lights that identifies pedestrians via their smartphone and knows how much time a person needs to cross the street resulting in a safe crossing for vulnerable pedestrians. The Crosswalk system will pilot in a few locations in Singapore and -if succesful- the system will be implemented throughout the entire city.

Mr. Jan Linssen (CEO at ARS Traffic & Transport Technology) lived in Singapore about 20 years ago but reminds the city vividly. He sees the tremendous improvements the city went through. Mr. Linssen shared knowledge on one of the ARS T&TT flagship projects: the Data Warehouse & Sensoring. This service ensures that the huge volumes of real-time traffic data from a variety of data sources and locations are recorded and maintained for traffic management, traffic information, traffic analysis and decision support. ARS was one of the initiators of this system, more than a decade ago. As all Dutch highways are being monitored, it gives a comprehensive view to optimize the traffic flow.

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Visit this website for more information about the Business Fora on 22 and 23 November in Rotterdam and Eindhoven (NL) organized by the Dutch Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland).

Smart Mobility
12% of Singapore’s land is covered by roads. That’s almost as much space as the area dedicated to residential housing. Moving people around isn’t easy for land-scarce and population-dense Singapore. Smart Mobility has the potential to make the transport system significantly safer, cleaner and more effective. Although, at present, developments linked to connected and cooperative systems and self-driving vehicles are taking place in parallel, these development paths are expected to converge in the form of hybrid systems that work together seamlessly behind the scenes.

Mr. Rien van der Knaap tells the story of the remarkable ParkShuttle.

The view from the ParkShuttle onto the crossings at the Interstate A16 and Highway N210.

Mr. Nico Anten: “We all want a safe, reliable and fast trip, therefore we need to collaborate.”

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