On October 272021, the Smart Mobility Embassy organized a webinar on the status of enforcement regarding plug-in hybrid vehicles in zero-emission zones. This webinar is part of a series of webinars, organized by the Smart Mobility Embassy, focusing on challenges in mobility around the world.   

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On 9 June 2021 the Smart Mobility Embassy brought together experts to discuss a common challenge: How can an area-oriented approach help us achieve mobility policy integration?

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Webinar ITS-UK and Smart Mobility Embassy on road user charging and active mobility 

On 10 November 2021, ITS UK and the Dutch Smart Mobility Embassy of Connekt organized an open discussion on two hot topics: road user charging and active mobility. What are the uses, the benefits and the challenges with regard to implementation and practicality? Some introductions were followed by a plenary question & answer session, while we also had a lively chat discussion. Thanks to all speakers and participants for a fruitful webinar! 

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Webinar Mobility Hubs

On 28 April 2021 the Smart Mobility Embassy brought together experts to discuss a common challenge: How do we organize the implementation of mobility hubs in our cities?

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Webinar Zero Emission Zones

On September 9th the Smart Mobility Embassy brought together experts to discuss a common challenge:  How do we successfully implement zero emission zones to reach our climate goals?

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Session Smart Cities

In march we were one of the speakers at a session organized by LIAA, the investment and development agency of Latvia, to talk about smart cities and smart mobility.

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