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On Monday 18 March, a delegation from Istanbul vistited Delft to share knowledge and experiences on sustainable mobility projects in Istanbul. Delegates from the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul were accompanied by experts from IMECE. IMECE is a social innovation platform that brings together individuals and institutions dealing with social issues, in order to enable them to create innovative and sustainable solutions.

Connekt – The independent network for smart, sustainable and social mobility
Nico Anten,  Executive Chairman at Connekt emphasizes the need for a long term collaboration. Social innovation is required in mobility. It can only come through public-private partnership. The government can’t do it on its own, the private partners can’t do it on their own. We need to collaborate. Connekt arranges this trusted collaboration by bringing the network together. In the Netherlands there is not a lack of innovation, but the real question is: “How can we implement the innovations?” For example, the infrastructure needs to be adjusted to the innovations. It’s not easy but it is doable. Through collaboration we can deal with these challenges and succesfully implement smart mobility innovations.

Dutch smart mobility experts
Two experts of the Smart Mobility Embassy network joined the meeting with the delegation from Istanbul. Mr. Jan Linssen, Founder and CEO of ARS Traffic & Transport Technology and Mr. Wessel van der Pol, Sales Engineer at 2getthere. ARS T&TT provides traffic and transport technology solutions to private and public organizations such as parking, traffic management systems, traffic enforcement, parking solutions etc. 2getthere delivers autonomous vehicle projects. Their technology is based on 25+ years of experience with automated vehicles operating in variety of challenging environments. Both experts are eager to help other cities with innovations. They have the Dutch ‘solutions mindset’ and a global market. Jan Linssen: “You need to think, plan and act. Specific use-cases that have proven themselves in the Netherlands can be migrated and transported to a city like Istanbul.”

IMECE explained how they build ecosystems around social entrepreneurship. They platform, an incubation for entrepreneurship, works in close collaboration with the Dutch Consulate. IMECE is looking to intensify the collaboration with the Netherlands and Turkey. IMECE is building an ecosystem around sustainable and smart urban mobility. At the moment, they are combining the efforts of the public and the private sector.

Dutch Consulate in Istanbul
Mr. Bart van Bolhuis, Dutch Consul General in Istanbul: “We focus on smart and green mobility. There is a good momentum to step up now! The demand in Istanbul is high. Istanbul is the largest metropole in Europe and unfortunately, it scores high on congestion. A lot is invested in infrastructure but we have to start investing in connecting the dots.  The city of Istanbul is currently working on the urban sustainable mobility plan and we are looking for partners who are willing to invest in a long-term relationship. It’s great that The city of Istanbul is involved in the KIC program, it’s a real living lab. When things work in Istanbul they can work anywhere. The KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) are partnerships that bring together businesses, research centres and universities. The KIC has over 50 partners in total in Europe. The idea of KIC is to market innovative solutions. Challenges can be posted, and different partners can select solutions. It is our ambition to set up the PIB (Partners for International Business) programme with the help of the RVO (Dutch Enterprise Agency). We hope to be able to start from this summer with operational activities.”

Intertraffic Istanbul
From 10 -12 April 2019 the Intertraffic event will take place in Istanbul. Connekt will host a session at the event and meet with the delegates to follow up on the actions discussed.

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