Hong Kong Transport Department visits Traffic Innovation Centre

On Wednesday 25 September, two senior engineers of the Transport Department Hong Kong visited the Traffic Innovation Centre in Helmond. They met with Director Mr. Peter Hoernig to exchange Dutch knowledge and experiences on smart mobility.

The two engineers visited The Netherlands to explore Dutch innovative technologies in smart mobility and traffic engineering. During their visit the specifically searched for intelligence on the following topics: smart cameras, entrance ramp control, autonomous busses and smart electronic parking signs.

The Hong Kong government will install 400 smart lamp posts for collection of real time traffic data and air quality control. However, the public is concerned about their privacy. Topics like these were discussed during the duty visit to the Traffic Innovation Centre.

Mr. Peter Hoernig, Director at the Traffic Innovation Centre showed the engineers the traffic management center and the innovation center. The experts were interested in the center’s “hard shoulder use system” and the pilot with smart camera’s.

The engineers from Hong Kong remain in touch with Mr. Johan van Eyk, Program Manager at the Traffic Innovation Centre for the smart camera project.

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