Honda Japan in search of smart mobility expertise

A delegation from Honda Japan visited the Smart Mobility Embassy on Tuesday 26 February. The delegates visited the Netherlands to learn about smart cities and smart mobility. During the visit, the delegates were keen to get informed on several topics, for example, E-mobility, MaaS (Mobility as a Service), V2G (Vehicle to Grid), smart energy and data-driven innovation.

Tom van Dam (Connekt, ITS Netherlands), José Oudijk (Smart Mobility Embassy) and Rob Olde Heuvelt (Dynniq) hosted the delegation on an exceptionally warm February afternoon. The weather led to a discussion as the Japanese guests expressed their concern about global climate change and the ever-rising temperatures in Japan. The country experiences extremely hot summers over the last years, so the ‘sense of urgency’ rises amongst the Japanese to act on CO2 emission issues.
The director of Honda Japan stated recently that 67% of their car production should be electric vehicles in the future. He strongly believes something has to be done about global warming, we have to change our mindset. Japan is living in a mass production society, but this cannot go on for much longer.

Japan is exploring smart city and smart mobility solutions to limit CO2 emission that will eventually call a halt to further global warming.

“In all honesty, smart city as a topic in the Netherlands is still a ‘talking topic’ mainly. We are now beginning to do the first smart city implementations. We are going in the right direction with some improvements, even though it’s still small accomplishments.” although Mr. Olde Heuvelt, Director Export at Dynniq, a Dutch organization that enables safe, sustainable and efficient movement of people, data and goods through smart solutions.

Mr. Olde Heuvelt presents several smart mobility solutions that benefit people and are equally sustainable, for example, ImFlow. In many countries, traffic lights are still fixed time. By using ImFlow and using adaptive traffic management you can optimize traffic flow. Time loss and CO2 emission can be reduced.

During the discussion, we’ve found common ground on the awareness of the younger generations. In both Japan and the Netherlands, the “generation Z” seems much more aware of the urgency when it comes to sustainable solutions and climate change. Somehow, they seem more aware of the consequences. They don’t care about owning a car anymore, they would rather share a car, make use of mobility as a service. It is cool to live your life sustainable, for example by driving an electric car.

We thank our Japanese guests for sharing their insights with us and hope to see them again for future collaboration. 

Would you like to discuss further on one of the above mentioned topics or would you like to get in touch with our partners? Please e-mail We’ll be happy to share our Dutch smart mobility knowledge and experiences with you!

The delegation from Honda Japan shared knowledge on smart mobility with Connekt, the Smart Mobility Embassy and partner organization Dynniq.

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