CGI Smart Travel works together with:

  • Delft Integrated Traffic & Travel Laboratory DiTTLAB/Technical University of Delft,
  • IMMA/Innovactory International
  • BestDriver/DHL The Netherlands

Delft Integrated Traffic & Travel Laboratory DiTTLAB
DiTTLAB is a researchlab founded by the Technical University of Delft and CGI The Netherlands. It an open laboratory in which students, researchers and practitioners can work with traffic data and simulation models to develop knowledge and tools for the greater good of the international traffic and transport community. DiTTLAB offers possibilities to develop both private and public services on the basis of the developed knowledge.

Best Practices

Recent examples of successful research projects are:

  • Velsertunnel-project: a large analysis to assess and evaluate the impact of the large scale renovation of this oldest (60 years!) tunnel in a Dutch highway
  • Urban Mobility Lab: In the Urban Mobility Lab project we analyzed multi-modal traffic flows: an extremely complex task in a metropolis like Amsterdam, given that transport and traffic are the result of millions of major and minor decisions.

The term 'integrated' in DiTTLab implies that we also develop tools to couple these data with (traffic simulation) models and advanced methods and algorithms for state and parameter estimation, demand estimation and much more. The end goal is to develop these methods and models within the OpenTrafficSim environment, an open source multi-scale, multi modal simulation platform.

CGI Smart Travel
SmartTravel combines digital technologies such as mobility, gamification, big data analytics and travel mode detection to influence and reward driver behavior. The aim is to encourage drivers (both professional and commuters)  to change their mobility behavior for example by traveling outside of rush hour times. SmartTravel analyzes trips and modes of transport for the purpose of influencing and rewarding positive driver behavior. The platform also allows insights to be generated from the data that can be used to make recommendations related to economical and safe driving.

Smart Travel has been implemented in open environments to test the impact on behavioral change of drivers :

  • BestDriver-program: establish behavioral change with professional drivers (Logistics)
    in co-operation with (amongst others) the City of Rotterdam and DHL:
    • Cost benefits for local transport firms (over 5% cost reduction on fuel)
    • Lower inner city CO2 emissions

The dedicated BestDriver-app is live in trucks and in use by drivers of DHL.

  • IMMA Integrated Mobility Management Archictecture-program: implementing congestion avoidance by stimulating travelers to spend less time in traffic and to use other modalities
    • Break down of mobility choices, like car or bike, purely on the basis of the movements of your smartphone with a very high level accuracy, allowing for financial schemes to be based on this data.

With partner Innovactory International IMMA-projects are live in three Dutch regions realizing several 1000’s of rush hour avoidances

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