Infrastructure Victoria visited Smart Mobility Embassy

On May 18, two Australian delegates from Infrastructure Victoria visited the Smart Mobility Embassy. The Victorian Government has requested Infrastructure Victoria to provide advice on the infrastructure required to enable the implementation of highly automated and zero emissions vehicles in the state. In this research a visit to the Smart Mobility Embassy, the gateway to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands, was a logical decision.

Dr. Jonathan Spear, Executive Director & General Counsel at Infrastructure Victoria and Stuart Lowe, Principal Advisor for Infrastructure Victoria’s Automated and Zero Emissions Vehicles Infrastructure, were particularly interested in the Dutch approach towards automated and zero emission vehicles. With a special focus on the impact of automated driving on the current road network and in which way the Netherlands facilitates zero emission vehicles.

Dutch smart mobility experts, Tom Alkim (RWS), Nick Juffermans (Connekt) and Frank ten Wolde (APPM) took part in the interactive knowledge exchange. The morning was thought provoking and ideas and mutual issues were discussed. This morning resulted in a first step towards what might be an ongoing collaboration.

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