Amsterdam Practical Trial

The Amsterdam Practical Trial (PPA) is a series of large-scale field operational trials aiming at the integration of road side and in car innovations. Nowhere else in the world is smart technology being applied for traffic management at such a large scale in daily operational traffic: with real cars and real drivers in the well-travelled Amsterdam region

APT is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Province of North Holland, the Transport Authority Amsterdam.

The integration of roadside and in-car systems via an integrated network-wide traffic management concept has provided Amsterdam, the region and others with:

  • New traffic management opportunities for solving problems;
  • New opportunities to facilitate road users via new and improved services.

What has been achieved so far?

Results of Phase 1


An automated regulatory concept, implemented and tested on national, provincial and urban road networks.

By creating smarter traffic signal systems (TSS) and ramp-metering systems (RMS),APT has laid the foundations for further integration of roadside and in-car systems.


Road users are better facillitated via real time customised information and advice on traffic situations and fastest routes.

By linking cars and the traffic control centres, APT has laid the foundations for further integration of roadside and in-car systems.

Results of Phase 2


Trials of automated roadside regulatory systems in other areas and with different partners. This has enabled a roll-out of the system.


Automated regulatory system fed with data from vehicles. This brings roadside and in-car systems a step closer via roadside devices.


Vehicles and private market parties are used as a point of departure for traffic management. This brings us closer to integrating roadside and in-car systems via devices in the vehicles. 


  • Better traffic management opportunities and new services for road users have been enabled.
  • Great strides have been made towards the integration of roadside and in-car systems.
  • By testing of innovative concepts, the roll-out of these concept is possible, the cost-effectiveness of integrated network-wide traffic management can be increased and opportunities for new markets are created.

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